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I'm finally out of the city and into the region of the Carretera Austral, Chile's southern "highway". I've waited for years to see this road, which is broken in several places by fiords that must be crossed in ferries. The farther south I go, the more people I meet who have strong, informed opinions on the HidroAysen project. I'm learning more about what - and who - is at stake.
Puerto Varas waterfront"No a HidroAysen"Isabel and MartinUna ciclo-ruta patagonica"An action in constant movement!"Camping AndersonA perfect writing studioStefanFresh salmon asado!YUM!Camping Anderson crewLa Arena, ChileThe end of the roadThis looks familiar...PatagoniaPuelche, ChileHornopiren, ChileHornopiren ferry dockHornopirenThe Photographer