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Changing lives and blowing minds through cultural exchange and experiential education: Ríos to Rivers! In March and April of 2013, I helped lead R2R's inaugural exchange program trip to Chilean Patagonia with a group of students from the Colorado Rocky Mountain School. Students spent three weeks learning about a controversial hydroelectric project on the Baker and Pascua rivers, and bonding with a local kayaking club that was raised on the Baker. Learn more here.
Day One: HidroAysénDay Two: Senator HorvathChilean SenateDay Three: EcoMaipoWe Lose Track of the DaysMilitary LogisticsAt the Put-inGetting PumpedWeston's Klepper23 Kayaks & 2 Rafts on the WaterSupport RaftYonathanHost-siblingsLaunch Point: Balsa BakerBalsa BakerInaugural Ríos to Rivers Río Baker Exchange Launch!And we're off...First Night's CampBalsa Colonia CampFoggy Crossing